When to Petition for a Property Tax Reduction

The leaves are changing colors and scattered on the ground, temperatures are becoming cooler, and this coming weekend we fall back, gaining an hour on our clock. That means one thing: we have just completed another large-scale filing of petitions.

Each year, if the Tax Commission declines to offer a reduction on your property, we without hesitation recommend the filing of a petition to protect the owner’s rights with respect to the property in future years. That means your rights are preserved when it comes time for future hearings.

Despite having some issues with Time Warner Cable’s data connectivity, we were able to work with our attorney to ensure all the petitions were filed well within the City’s deadline. Assuming you returned one or more petitions to us in a timely manner, we thank you again for doing so. Some petitions came back somewhat late, but as usual, we were able to get everything filed before the Court closed the e-filing site for the year.

Before long it will be time for us to start preparing applications for Tax Year 2014/15, and we will continue working on preparation of this documentation. Should we require any information from you we will be in touch. If you have questions, please touch base with us. In addition, should you be considering improving, purchasing or otherwise significantly altering property, please let us know well in advance so we can work with you and maximize any potential benefits available to you.

As always, we look forward to working with you.

-Richard Chernoff

New York Advisory Services, Inc.