February 22nd Deadline Approaching

We are approaching the Tax Commission’s March 1 deadline, and as indicated in our package to you, we expect the signed/executed papers from you by February 22d; any questions, concerns and/or issues should be brought to our attention without delay. Over the past several years the Tax Commission accepted applications by electronic filing, but given that COVID restrictions have been lifted, the City has advised us we need to file original applications in person. Therefore, please be aware that the February 22d deadline is not a “suggestion;” the sooner we receive your papers, the sooner we can and will review same for accuracy and confirm the material will better position your properties for potential reductions.

We highly recommend sending the paperwork to us via overnight service (Fedex, UPS) rather than US Postal Service. While the US Postal Service offers trackable options (eg Express Mail) we have noticed that mail does take longer to reach us than it should even when the USPS offers guaranteed delivery.

In addition, we suggest you email copies of the paperwork to us so we know a) you are returning your papers to us and b) when we should expect same.

We appreciate your processing and completing this material as a high priority. The sooner the papers are processed, completed and returned to us, the sooner we can review and prepare for the filing on your behalf.

Again, should you have any questions, concerns or issues, please contact us without delay to be safe.

Richard M. Chernoff

New York Advisory Services, Inc.