Another Year Upon Us

The assessments were released this year on Tuesday, January 18th, and for the most part many of the new assessments (especially for non-residential properties) show somewhat significant increases. We have begun the process of preparing applications for your properties and have begun mailing/sending/overnighting documentation to you. Once you have received this paperwork please be sure and review everything we have prepared on your behalf and contact us should you notice any problems or issues with the materials you have received.

While we are aware this year is, like many years prior, significant for a number of reasons, this year is crucial because prior years are part of the discussion going forward and will affect how the City sees your property/properties not only in past years and this year but in future years. As always, allowing the City to set arbitrary values on your property/properties could and very well likely will have potentially adverse effects on your property values.

Please be sure to let us know once you’ve received the paperwork we’ve prepared for you and advise should you have any concerns or questions prior to working on this material.

Richard M. Chernoff

New York Advisory Services, Inc.