Another Filing Deadline Met.

Another year has come and gone and we’ve completed another busy March 1 filing with the New York City Tax Commission.

While this filing, as in past years, wound up being a bit hectic on the last day, most of you got us the paperwork and any answers we needed prior to the final day so we were able to review your papers and make sure everything we filed was fully representative of the relevant situation(s) at your property/properties.

By getting us your paperwork early, that gives us some measure of breathing room and allows us to make sure the material we file on your behalf helps you in the best way possible, and gives us the best chance to obtain a reduction on your property/properties.

While this past filing was a bit challenging because many of you were in alternate locations – not in your typical offices but in your homes or secondary locations – we are happy to report that most of the material we intended and hoped to file reached you and were subsequently filed with the Tax Commission.

If you have additional properties that were not addressed or otherwise included in this year’s filing, please be sure to let us know so we can include any missing properties in the future and take the time to review them going forward. We just finished this year’s deadline/filing but the coming deadline will be here quickly.

And many of you contemplating new work on residential or commercial properties have mentioned these potential projects, and now that we’ve completed this filing please be sure and follow up on these new projects.

Thank you.

Richard Chernoff
New York Advisory Services