Annual RPIE Filing Due June 1, 2023

Reminder to All Clients:

The annual RPIE filing is due on June 1, and regardless of whether you’ve received a reminder of that deadline from the City or not, please be sure and file the necessary RPIE documentation for your property/properties ahead of the deadline. Given the confusion over revised/new requirements, please be sure to confirm you will or will not be required to file RPIE paperwork for your property/properties by contacting the City. If you need assistance from us in this regard, please let us know.

Another note: as always, filing can be accomplished at the last minute but because many people delay filing until the deadline is nearly expired, there is typically far more likelihood for issues – online traffic, site failure, lack of access to City personnel – so we advise you to address this filing a week ahead of the deadline to ensure you won’t have problems getting this completed. It doesn’t matter if you have one property or ten; failure to file in timely fashion will result in penalties which are mostly non-reversible, so please address this without delay with your accountant or the person who typically handles your RPIE filings. If you need assistance with these please do not hesitate to contact us.