About Us

About New York Advisory Services, Inc.

We are a small family-run consultancy located in midtown and have more than 50 years’ experience providing a broad spectrum of clients with real estate tax-related expertise in tax reductions (certiorari) as well as exemption and abatement for both commercial and residential properties within the five boroughs.

Collectively, our experience representing and working with property owners, operators and managers, architects, accountants and attorneys in various types of matters includes:

  • Real estate tax reduction / “certiorari”
  • Abatement and Exemption (421-a, -b and -g)
  • Rent increase/MCI applications
  • J-51 Abatements/Exemptions
  • DOB issues
  • Department of Finance issues (valuation, RPIE, and interaction)

Our organization, which has been in business for more than 25 years, is small enough to ensure that the person you speak to over the phone will be the same person who coordinates your on-site inspections, researches and prepares comparable value studies (eg “comps”), and handles all aspects of your tax appeal from the application and filing onward.

We view strong communication and transparency, diligence, and a hands-on, personalized client experience as a priority at NYASI. Our clients’ issues are our issues, and we address our clients’ concerns as our own, regardless if they have one small property or a multi-property portfolio stretched throughout all five boroughs. More importantly, if you have a concern and need to reach us, we pride ourselves on being responsive and putting our clients first.

As the City and its programs have evolved over the years, we have maintained our strategies and our relationships, and our goal to consistently achieve benefits and/or savings for our clients. We make it our mission to interact with the right people at these various agencies – the Department of Finance, the New York City Tax Commission, HPD, DHCR and the Department of Buildings.

We actively cultivate and nurture relationships with department heads and personnel, enabling us to determine the source of issues so we can address and solve problems rather than face obstacles. These relationships allow us to navigate and bypass bureaucratic stand-stills to effectively serve our clients’ needs. Ultimately, this allows us to achieve optimal results on behalf of our clients.

Given our industry tenure and experience providing impeccable customer services to organizations like your own, we have likely seen, heard, and resolved many of the issues that you may face. To discuss how we may be able to improve your real estate tax status, please contact us.

We look forward to assisting you!

NYASI has successfully helped reduce the tax burden for thousands of properties and has an impressive record of delivering savings to our clients