Leave the Taxing work to Us

For over 25 years, New York City property owners and managers have relied on the experts at NYASI to protect their rights and minimize their tax burden.

Are You Paying Too Much In Real Estate Taxes?

Any building owner or manager can tell you he’s paying more in real estate taxes than he should. And he may well be right.

Chances are good that your property is overvalued by the City – through arbitrary judgments, accounting oversights, and/or technical errors. To protect your investment and safeguard your rights, you should turn to capable professionals who have the knowledge and know-how to protect your rights.

We have over 50 combined years of representing property owners, operators and managers in various types of matters: certiorari (appealing tax assessments), J-51 abatements, 421-a exemptions, MCI Rent Increases, ICIP exemptions – as well as representing our clients’ interests with the Department of Finance.

90% of our clients have been with us for over ten years.

Our mission is to consistently achieve benefits and savings for our clients.

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